Farm to Home

The idea behind Papa Rozier Farms is the result of over 10 years of planning and farming; in 2018 we officially opened our farmhouse in Bushwick Brooklyn.

Castor oil and Moringa oil are our at the core of our product line. We make genuine Castor and Moringa oil from scratch, from our family owned farm in Haiti, to your home. We don’t refine our oils, which means no bleaching and no deodorization, our oils have natural, earthy scents. 

Beginning with our grandfather, Papa Rozier's 50 acres of organic rich fertile farm-land in Haiti, we organically grow our all of our products, meticulously looking after every step in processing high quality pure oil.

The best seeds of our harvest are handpicked, washed and sun-dried.  The seeds are then shipped to our pressing facility at our retail farmhouse store in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. The seed are then cold-pressed and bottled as our grandfather would have done years ago. Natural and authentic. 

Proceeds from our sales are then funneled back into Haiti's local ecosystem. Every time you purchase a product from us, it creates an opportunity to invest in Haiti's future.  BATI School is a registered 503(c)that educates and empowers an entire community that would otherwise not have any opportunities. When you buy from Papa Rozier Farms, you give our students a chance to turn their dreams into reality.