How We Make It

We make REAL Castor and Moringa oil from scratch.  We don’t refine our oils, which means no bleaching and no deodorization, our oils have natural, earthy scents. 

Beginning with our grandfather's 50 acres of organic rich fertile farm-land in Haiti, we meticulously look after every step in processing high quality pure oil.

Organically grown, the best seeds of our harvest are handpicked, washed and sun-dried.  The seeds are then shipped to our press showroom in Bushwick Brooklyn (pls visit!) where they are cold-pressed and bottled.  From our farm in Haiti to our showroom in Brooklyn, we are there every step of the way, guaranteeing 100% authenticity of our natural oils.

We don't cut corners – our oils are kept in their purest form, ensuring all natural nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins are preserved.

***No mixing, No gimmicks, No middle men***