Farm Funded Education

At the core of Papa Rozier Farms, sits a passion to fulfill a promise to our country, our people, and our future. We invite you to take the journey with us. 


One seed at a time...

Purchasing our products is more than just a chance to buy high quality, all natural products, its the beginning of a chain reaction of events that ends in opportunity that was never before available.

As of 2022 BATI School with the help of Papa Rozier Farms has 109 students ages 3-13. Scholars are in school 5 days a week and are provided 2 meals a day. The school and farm together employ 24 people within the community.

Our future looks bright, we are hoping to one day enroll hundreds of students while creating jobs to employ their parents and adults within our community.

Every purchase from the Papa Rozier Farms has a positive impact, it's an investment in education, agriculture and the people of Haiti.