Blog Post 1: The History of Papa Rozier Farms

In 1935, our grandfather Papa Rozier bought his first piece fertile land in the plush mountains of southwest Haiti. On that plot, he grew corn, rice, millet and plantains. He also raised cows, goats, pigs, and chickens, setting the foundation in becoming a fruitful farmer. Over the years, he slowly acquired more and more farmland, until his passing in 1985. He didn’t have a formal education, but he knew he was building something to leave behind, a legacy that would outlive him.

For over a decade now, we have been building on this legacy with our brand. At Papa Rozier Farms our hands touch every part of the process: we grow and harvest our own organic moringa and castor seeds; then, ship them to our Farmhouse in Brooklyn, NY. Here, we cold-press, clean, and bottle our 100% pure moringa and castor oils.

For over 10 years we’ve been perfecting our products and, because we handle every, single part of the process, from farm to retail, we can promise you a few things:

  • Integrity: we are farmers and retailer; we don’t cut corners – anywhere. This means that the quality of oils and products you buy is truly unmatched
  • Purity: we sun-dry and hand-pick the best organic seeds to use in our products, which means that what you get is pure, undiluted castor or moringa oil – plain and simple –
  • Transparency: we know exactly where the seeds came from and how the oil is extracted, cleaned and bottled; So, if you have any questions… we are happy to answer them!
  • Impactwe are committed to investing into Haiti, the country whose soil provides us such rich and healing oils.

To learn about how we’re doing that, check out this video.

We’re super excited for what is ahead in the new year!

Until then, STAY Beautiful... Naturally!

Papa Rozier 50 Acre Farm


  • Where is that merch?! I need a t-shirt with “Stay Beautiful Naturally” on it because there are too many sista’s at the gym wearing other folks hair.

  • Is it safe to ingest moringa oil?
    I want to include it in my moringa tea.
    Thank you
    Susie Fains

  • Hi there,
    Could you please let me know if your castor oil is hexane free?
    Thank you

  • I want to thank YouTube’s AI for recommending the Healthline video where I first saw Rubens and his passion for the products from Haiti! ;-))

  • Hello! Do you have anything for ringing in the ear?

    Jenny Doodnath

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